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TMG is a full-service strategic consulting firm, serving clients around the world.


In 2013, Jim Messina and two former campaign staffers launched The Messina Group in Washington, D.C. — just three people in a borrowed, windowless office. The company started small, but Jim’s idea for TMG was clear from the beginning: only take on fights we believe in; always have our clients’ backs, no matter what; be a long-term partner, not just a consultant; let our victories stand for themselves; grow or die.

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TMG Team Member Collaboration
TMG Team Member Collaboration

Following those principles, The Messina Group has grown into one of the world’s most trusted strategic consulting firms, winning public policy fights, elections, and corporate victories across six continents and in a wide range of industries. Bringing together experts in campaign management, communications, analytics, and digital, we harness the power of data-driven, political campaign strategies to solve the toughest problems and create better outcomes for our clients around the world.

In addition to our strategic consulting work, TMG stays at the forefront by investing in and launching innovative companies, partnering across industries to transform traditional models, and evolving the rapidly-growing fields of data, campaign politics, advocacy, and business strategy. These companies include Greenbrier Partners, Silicon Valley’s leading crisis communications firm; Amplify Media, a media buying firm that’s redefining how to target voters through traditional and digital media; and Signal Interactive Media, a prominent legal media firm that’s revolutionizing class action notice using analytics and digital strategy.


Our reach is global, with offices in cities around the world, including Washington, DC, San Francisco, Denver, and London. We advise world leaders, CEOs at Fortune 500 companies, and well-known NGO principals. We are the ally you need when the stakes are highest, when you need help to win the good fight.

Jim Messina
Jim Messina

We are led by Jim Messina, whose revolutionary tactics fusing technology and politics led President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign to victory. The strategies pioneered in 2012 established the blueprint for the modern presidential campaign, with Google’s former Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt calling it “the best-run campaign ever.” Prior to his 2012 role, Jim served as President Obama’s Deputy Chief of Staff, where he was integral to the passage of a historic health care bill (the Affordable Care Act), the economic stimulus act credited with saving the US economy, and the landmark repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” That pioneering spirit, a deep respect for data-driven action, and passion for being on the right side of history led Messina to launch TMG.

Today, TMG is still a small firm, with only a few dozen experienced staffers, but we continue the work of winning good fights and helping change the world. You may not have seen our name in the news — and we like it that way — but you have seen our victories on the front page of every newspaper across the globe.

TMG Team Retreat in Montana
TMG Team Retreat in Montana


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