Shannon Wheatman

Shannon Wheatman

Partner, Signal Interactive Media Washington, D.C.

Shannon is a Partner at Signal Interactive Media.

Shannon is an internationally court-recognized legal notice and media expert who has made significant contributions to the legal industry throughout her career. As a senior advisor, Shannon leads the company’s legal notice division and spearheads the development of innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of clients. 

Shannon’s pioneering work in the development and implementation of effective legal notice strategies has helped countless corporations and attorneys navigate the complex landscape of legal communications. She spent eighteen years working as an executive at two of the nation’s leading professional service firms that offer legal advertising. She has developed and directed some of the largest and most complex national notification programs in the country. 

Shannon has been involved in over 700 class actions and bankruptcies. She has worked on cases involving government at the state level (various Attorneys General, including California, Washington, Florida) and federal (Federal Trade Commission, Department of Justice, USDA, Department of Interior, and Department of Treasury), as well as some of the largest companies in the world, including AT&T, Bank of America, BP, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, Microsoft, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Walmart.

Shannon began her career in 2000 at the Federal Judicial Center, where she was instrumental in the development of model notices to satisfy the plain language amendment to Rule 23. Her plain language expertise was advanced by her education, including her doctoral dissertation on plain language drafting of class action notice and her master’s thesis on comprehension of jury instructions. 

She has a strong statistical background, having completed nine graduate level courses as well as teaching undergraduate statistics at the University of Georgia.

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