Nick Buis

Nick Buis

Partner Washington, D.C.

Nick manages and implements strategic campaigns for political, non-profit, and corporate clients at The Messina Group.

He supports the firm’s relationships with key partners.

Nick joined the firm after building successful data-driven political efforts for the largest campaigns and NGOs in the US. In 2012, Nick served as General Election Director for President Obama’s campaign in Florida. He designed and executed the strategy that Republicans and Democrats credited with overcoming what Politico called, “a daunting set of obstacles for Obama,” to deliver the most unexpected result of the 2012 electoral college. In 2013, he managed relations with partner organizations for the Presidential Inaugural Committee. He later became the National Field Director for Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns, the largest gun safety group in the country, supervising 50 staff members. Most recently, he was Get-Out-The-Vote Director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, where he oversaw the creation of individual turnout plans in dozens of US House races. Previously, he served as manager of campaigns for Congressional, Mayoral, Gubernatorial and state-level non-profit efforts.

Nick graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Economics. In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with his family.

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