Full-service Consulting & Robust Capabilities

Read more about our services and bespoke solutions for our corporate, political, and advocacy clients.

The Messina Group is a full-service consulting firm & global leader in harnessing the power of political campaign strategies to help clients in the corporate, advocacy, and political spheres win public support, gain stakeholder approvals, and overcome political battles for proposed business initiatives and a variety of communications campaigns.

Fusing data and analytics with our deep practical experience helps us solve the toughest problems & create better outcomes for our clients around the world.

Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory

With leading professionals in politics, campaigns, digital media, public relations, and strategic communications, our team has the experience, ingenuity, and collaborative approach that helps our clients solve problems and find a path to success – whether it’s reaching new audiences, increasing revenue, winning elections, growing a business, or finding a message that works.

We’re the firm who has the prominence and credibility needed to foster meaningful relationships with industry leaders, and the one who can put together a year-long, integrated strategic communications campaign to move online audiences, drive user action, and build public support.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

With experience working with political parties and transforming candidates into presidents and prime ministers, our team has the global sensibility and on-the-ground intelligence needed to help our clients navigate complex business environments across the globe as they seek to expand into new regions. Having worked in countries on five continents, we are uniquely suited to connect clients with influencers who can become key allies, while also building a strategy that will foster overall support needed to win.



From public affairs strategies, to managing media relations, to drafting public and external materials, to topic modeling, to research and surveys, to social listening, to media training, and helping clients build in-house expertise via communications audits, our team’s diverse backgrounds in this field make our strategic communications campaigns innovative, robust, and highly effective for all of our corporate, political, and advocacy clients.



Data is only as valuable as the analytics it can produce – and our team is the best in the business when it comes to finding value, solutions, and answers within data through our sophisticated analytics professionals and bespoke databases and dashboards for our clients. Some of this work includes:

Data Management and Technical Assessments

  • assessments of technology platforms and software systems
  • addressing the challenge of “data silos”
  • standardizing and integrating data

Survey Research and Polling Aggregation

  • measuring public opinion and sentiment
  • understanding attitudes of an electorate, a customer base, a workforce, or key decision-makers and influencers

Predictive Modeling

  • actions (likelihood of an individual customer to purchase an item)
  • characteristics (probability of having a high income)
  • overall outcomes (the winner of an election)

Experimental Design and Testing

  • building and running randomized controlled trials for small scale tests prior to deploying larger programs
  • designing experiments to measure true return on investment

Data Visualization Tools

  • developing customized visual tools such as dashboards and reports
  • producing interactive mapping tools
  • integrating with underlying databases to aid in understanding geographic trends



We believe that the best digital strategies are those that deliver the right content to the right communities at the right time. Sometimes companies need help finding the audience to reach with their content, sometimes they need content that will resonate with their audiences, and many times, we help deliver both, along with the most effective strategies for reaching those audiences where they live, work, and play. Some of this work includes:

Brand & Messaging Assessment

  • assessing the effectiveness of current programs
  • conducting deep dives into current branding and messaging
  • developing and refining key messages
  • developing competitive analyses for organizations
  • driving engagement through evolving communications efforts

Targeted Ads Programs

  • assessing existing approaches and metrics
  • providing recommendations to optimize return on investment
  • ensuring precise targeting via Facebook, geo-targeting, zipcodes, IP addresses, and other tactics

Digital Planning & Execution – Email, Social, Websites

  • conducting wide-ranging content audits: email campaigns, social networks, current ad campaigns, and organization’s website
  • establishing clear goals for each channel used, along with any relevant KPIs
  • developing editorial and message calendars for content by channel and audience

Website Planning

  • developing an overall plan and strategy for new website development & launch
  • overseeing design and development partners
  • managing the process of development and launch

Social Topography

Social Topography

The Messina Group’s breakthrough Social Topography analysis combines the best methods from across social listening and market research practices. We encapsulate a wealth of data and analyses from customized brand surveys, consumer social media profiles, and our proprietary topic and sentiment analysis models. Our senior data analysts then merge this intelligence with consumer data, allowing for precise targeting of specific customer segments in a way that responds to their particular needs.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management

The Messina Group provides a structural and organizational analysis to ensure that your organization is operating optimally at all levels. The Messina-led Obama for America campaign was a $1 billion “startup” with more than 5,000 employees nationally. To make this startup succeed and thrive, it required streamlined management and organization at every level of implementation.  Google’s Eric Schmidt called it “the best-run campaign ever” and The Messina Group is ready to share the success behind its historic win with you.



Grassroots organizing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to move your organization’s message and advance your organization’s goals. Whether utilizing door-to-door strategies or social media platforms, The Messina Group’s experience running the most expansive and successful grassroots campaign in modern political history can be implemented for your organization, candidate, party, or cause.

Crisis Communications


Our team of crisis communicators has exactly the experience needed to guide you through some of the toughest, public-facing challenges. We know how important a company’s relationship is with its customers, shareholders, and the public, and how critical effective communication can be during these times of stress. What you say, when you say it, and how you say it can make or break the public’s confidence – and we can help you develop a sound strategy that will see you through any crisis whenever and wherever it may occur. From media training for CEOs, to setting up rapid response war rooms, to vetting and developing briefing materials, press releases and other documents, The Messina Group has the skills and experience to manage crises so companies can get back to business as usual as quickly as possible.