Using modern data to remake how organizations purchase advertising across the media landscape

Amplify was created to provide media buying services to the political sector, and is now taking that same must-win approach to commercial advertising.

When you are the media buyer for political campaigns, you either get it right, or your client loses, there is no middle ground. Amplify has helped numerous political clients make smarter decisions faster, and we think it’s time the commercial sector received that same level of service.

Amplify analytics
  • Traditional media buying is disconnected: an ad placed in one city will have a different media buyer than an ad placed in another city.
  • Marketing teams tend to focus solely on creative and can often overlook where those ads are shown. While it is important to craft the right message in an ad, it is equally important to ensure the message efficiently reaches a target audience.
  • The media spending landscape changes quickly, and a buyer is only as good as its ability to adapt to a client’s rapidly changing needs. A good buyer needs to be able to build new media plans and execute the buys swiftly enough to allow for the client to make smarter decisions faster.
In the end, simple, traditional media buying is a waste of resources and time. Amplify fixes the inefficiency.
Amplify's Solution

Efficient Targeting

Our experienced buyers work with our clients to build and execute the most efficient media plans to reach your target audience. We have experience placing ads in broadcast, cable, satellite, radio, and over the top (OTT). In 2018, we placed ads in 49 markets for one national client alone.

Full Integration

Amplify fully integrates all advertising options. We have a channel-agnostic philosophy; once we have identified the target market, we build a custom media plan to meet the reach and frequency needed to communicate to that universe regardless if it is through broadcast, cable, satellite, radio, OTT, or digital.

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