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How TMG serves as a strategic advisor to major M&A deals

TMG has extensive experience working on the most complicated M&A transactions around the world. We understand how regulators think, and with that in mind, shape strategies to influence public perception and narratives around complex deals and the thorniest antitrust issues of the day. Our innovative tactics help clients navigate the ever-changing political landscape in DC and globally.

Our M&A work is grounded in decades of experience in policy work, political campaigns, and corporate strategy:

  • We bring a deep knowledge of lawmakers and regulators and what matters to them, and we use that knowledge to get ahead of unforeseen, unnecessary roadblocks to common sense deals getting done.
  • We educate the stakeholders who may need help understanding the complete picture.
  • We quarterback teams and manage the day-to-day non-legal work of a deal, providing critical leadership and operational capacity so that clients can focus on running their companies.
  • We leverage strategic communications expertise, traditional PR, advanced data analytics, and the latest digital tactics to change public perception.
  • When the trouble starts, we are the client’s closest ally, thinking outside the box in order to get deals across the finish line.

We work with clients who understand that when it comes to antitrust, the politics and the policy have changed. Even the most common-sense mergers may face opposition and criticism. The new rule? Adapt or get blocked.

Quantum Energy Partners
The Latest: Winning a $5 Billion Deal for Quantum

Quantum Energy Partners recently completed the sale of Tug Hill and XcL Midstream to EQT Corporation for approximately $5 billion of cash and common stock. This deal is expected to enhance U.S. energy security, affordability, and reliability while supporting the ongoing transition to cleaner energy sources. TMG served as a strategic advisor to Quantum, helping to quarterback outside advisors and provide critical political and communications insight.

TMG has helped achieve historic wins in some of the world’s largest M&A deals, worth tens of billions of dollars in mergers across industries like technology, energy, agriculture, and retail.
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