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When corporate stakes are high, The Messina Group is the advisor, ally, and answer you need.

You might wonder how a team of seasoned, battle-tested political strategists, data scientists, and communications professionals from the campaign world has been so effective in helping businesses and corporations solve problems and improve their bottom lines. But it’s precisely this background that makes us perfectly suited for these challenges. Consider the following:

When a company decides to…

  • Buy another company
  • Seek stakeholder approval
  • Work with market conditions
  • Win key concessions

…it embarks on what is essentially, a campaign.

We help solve political problems for companies. The Messina Group harnesses the power of political campaign strategies to help our clients win public support, engage key stakeholders, and obtain needed approvals for proposed business purchases, mergers, and contracts.

Our Clients

Case Study:

Delta Air Lines:

Proving that employee satisfaction is good for business.

When Delta Air Lines was named one of Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for list in 2017, we weren’t surprised. Not only was it Delta’s first appearance on the list, it was the first time in a dozen years that an airline has even been on the list.

While we can’t take any credit at all for Delta’s commitment to its employees, we can say that we know first hand how passionate the company is about serving its professionals and ensuring a positive workplace environment where its employees feel valued and heard. Delta Air Lines asked for our help in developing a new employee satisfaction survey that would go beyond toplines and snapshots. They wanted a true sense of what was working well and where things could be improved to solve problems and boost retention. We were asked to not just assess in the immediate term, but by which Delta Air Lines could see beyond the status quo and into future trends that would set them up for continued success moving forward.

This is exactly the kind of challenge we love: By pairing the best methodology and science with ingenuity and creative thinking, we developed a cutting-edge employee satisfaction survey that pulled from our political experience in modeling electorates, our corporate experience in modeling customers, and our passion for bespoke solutions for our clients, to provide individual-level satisfaction and predictive analysis of future trends.

This survey also became smarter throughout the process: once we completed the initial analysis, we made recommendations that would improve upon certain aspects of its methodology based on this unique audience, go deeper into topics identified by preliminary trend lines, and we continued to measure and adjust to ensure iterative improvements that would ensure the survey’s learnings would provide the most valuable knowledge possible.

As a result, employee satisfaction and retention rates improved tremendously – something Delta knew would help them meet their bottom lines as high turnover can cost a company of its size hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

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Case Study:

Hampton Creek (Just)

When new concepts, products, and ideas need powerful messaging to support them.

Logo_Hampton Creek.Just

The idea that one company could take on the challenge of building a better food system so everyone – regardless of socioeconomic status or location – can have healthier, sustainably-made food that is also affordable and unimpeachably delicious seems like a daunting task. But it’s one that Hampton Creek is taking on as it works to build a better food system that every part of the industry can get behind: from local farmers to the big box food conglomerates.

It’s a company that is agnostic about labels and passionate about discovery: it makes mayo without eggs, produces meat without killing a single animal, whips ranch dressing with no dairy, delivers sweet mustard without honey, and the bottom line is, no one can tell the difference.

With such an innovative approach to food, Hampton Creek asked The Messina Group to help them test messages and develop ad campaigns to targeted audiences so they could learn more about what to say, how to say it, and how to show the power of their approach with customers and influencers. Their goal was to find what works so they could get their products into the hands of the customers who would love them.

Over the course of 4 months, our team developed hundreds of ads geared towards dozens of audience groups that we identified through social listening and consumer modeling. We then competed the ads among audience groups to determine which were most effective, and tailored new ads that combined mixed messaging elements to help identify messages, creatives, and images that proved to be most effective based on specific products and advertising goals. The result was a full marketing analysis that provided deep insights into their core audiences with strategic guidance and messaging recommendations for core audience groups and products, helping their advertising and communications teams meet bottom lines and effectively communicate to the audiences that matter most.

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Case Study:


Helping an innovative startup transform a powerful industry and prevail against the odds.

Since 2013, PillPack has worked to put customers at the center of the pharmacy experience – a common sense approach that has been met with great resistance by powerful pharmaceutical companies who find industry innovators a threat & would rather emphasize profit at the expense of progress.

The great news is Pillpack’s approach has proved successful. By the end of 2017 the company had become the largest e-commerce pharmacy in the United States and revenue topped $100 million. It also launched PharmacyOS, the first backend pharmacy system designed specifically for customers with complex medication regimens.

But this success is due in large part to Pillpack’s drive to take on challenges and go to battle for its customers – and The Messina Group has been proud to help Pillpack win support over the years. Our team has provided strategic guidance to help Pillpack fight and win battles with competitors, build influencer and public support for its mission, and recruit stakeholders that would become key allies for the company.

One of Pillpack’s first major challenges happened soon after it launched, a major, public clash with Express Scripts, which it asked The Messina Group to help navigate. Our team developed an unprecedented campaign to help build support for Pillpack and force the company back to the table – and it worked – within months Pillpack signed a multi-year agreement with Express Scripts.

For this campaign and much of our work with Pillpack, we helped the company broker conversations with key influencers, insurance providers, and pharmacy benefit managers. For each of these important stakeholders, our team helped identify who Pillpack should connect with, helped make those connections, and helped deliver a clear, consistent message.

Pillpack has publicly stated that with our help, they’ve spent the past few years “successfully explaining the necessity of innovation and the benefits of our approach to a wide range of thoughtful people and influential partners. These contacts often became ardent PillPack supporters, and we’re now working productively with a range of payers, providers, and PBMs.”

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