New Yorker: “In Pennsylvania, Republicans Might Only Need to Stall to Win”

The New Yorker just published an exploration of how the entire 2020 presidential election could hinge of the state of Pennsylvania, and how the Trump campaign may try to highjack that state election.

Mark Medish, TMG’s president who also co-founded Keep Our Republic, a nonpartisan civic-engagement group focused on highlighting the unconventional threats to the election, spoke with The New Yorker‘s Eliza Griswold, sharing his organization’s perspective:

“Pennsylvania, like Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Michigan, isn’t only a battleground state … Pennsylvania has a Democratic governor and a Republican legislature. This political division sets up a potential dispute over who, in a contested election, can appoint special electors.”

Mark Medish, co-founder of Keep Our Republic

Medish is joined by a number of former politicians — both Republicans and Democrats — raising the alarm about the Trump campaign’s efforts, including former Senator Gary Hart, former Representative Richard Gephardt, former Governor Tom Ridge, and former Senator Timothy Wirth.

To learn more about the threats that face this specific election, in particular what might happen in the days after the election, between November 4, 2020 and January 20, 2021, listen to Keep Our Republic’s new podcast, Unconventional Threat. Here’s a description of what the podcast explores:

This is an election year unlike any other in ways that are unsettling and dangerous. Based on hard reporting, facts, and Constitutional Law, this series of 10 podcasts will prepare you for a very possible Unconventional Threat and delineate the steps we can take to come together as a nation to ensure that everyone has the chance to vote, their votes are counted, and the count is respected to create our national choice for President for the next four years.

Listen to the latest episode, featuring Medish, here.

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