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READ: TMG’s Mark Medish and Dan Lucich co-author Open Democracy Essay: “Expiating America’s ‘Original Sin’”

Mark Medish, President of The Messina Group, and Dan Lucich, Managing Director of The Messina Group, co-authored an essay for Open Democracy in which they consider the importance of a formal national apology for our country’s original sin – slavery.

“The current lack of public support for an apology is not surprising because it relates to an unflattering truth about our history. This has led many to advise the current Democratic candidates to avoid the issue. But unpopularity should not deter us from the just course. As Nat King Cole sand, it’s time to ‘straighten up and fly right.’

This is not an issue for African-Americans only, or even primarily. The need for an apology belongs first with all Americans, not any one community, region, or political party. A national apology would not be the last word on righting the historical wrong – leaving open the reparations question – but it would be an essential act of contrition and a vital rededication to our American values.

Read the complete article here.

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