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Who are we?

The Messina Group advises organizations and political campaigns who want to build movements, services, and products that succeed by being data-driven, digitally savvy, and grassroots focused.

The Messina Group, founded by Obama for America 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina and led by seasoned strategists, is a full-service consulting firm that works with organizations in the private, public, and social sectors to achieve their strategic goals. We utilize our expertise in over decades of winning campaigns and passing historic pieces of legislation to assist clients in addressing critical issues and generating custom solutions to your challenges. Using data-driven philosophies, we hold ourselves accountable to real-time performance metrics and are constantly striving to optimize our services.

Meet the team
Jim Messina


Seth Samuels

Senior Director of Data Science - Messina Group Analytics

Carter Kalchik

Senior Analytics Consultant - Messina Group Analytics

Daniel Lucich

Managing Director & Counsel - Messina Group International

Isabelle Wright

Digital Strategist - The Messina Group

Kassia DeVorsey

Chief Analytics Officer - Messina Group Analytics

Nathaly Arriola

Vice President - The Messina Group

Rod O'Connor

Principal - The Messina Group

Liza Bray

Research Director - The Messina Group

Zack Stapf

Executive Associate - The Messina Group

Brennan Bilberry

Vice President and Head of Public Affairs - The Messina Group

Tara Corrigan

Vice President and Director of London Office - The Messina Group

Nick Buis

Campaigns Director - The Messina Group

Sean Sweeney


Darcy Waldman

Chief of Staff - The Messina Group

Mark Medish

CEO - Messina Group International

Our Philosophy
  • Every decision an organization makes impacts its future trajectory.  How should a company utilize social media most effectively to increase its customer base?  How will a campaign’s analysis of big data and analytics lead to increased voter turnout?  Everyday organizations are faced with these types of decisions and The Messina Group works to maximize the strategic output of each of them depending on the individual organization’s needs.  Using innovative and data-driven strategies, The Messina Group provides expert analysis to ensure that each decision leads to increased success.  

    Strategic Consulting

What We Do

Data Analysis

At the core of The Messina Group is the belief that the best solutions are based on the best data. The foundation of The Messina Group’s data analytic strategies lie in the 2012 Presidential election which will forever be known as the breakthrough of “big data” in American politics. It was the Obama for America campaign that employed cutting-edge data collection strategies and analytic approaches to most effectively mobilize and manage its resources. Applying the techniques from this historical campaign, The Messina Group works with organizations to target and increase their potential customers, supporters, or voters.

Social Media Targeting

Using state of the art data and analytics, The Messina Group can harness and amplify the reach of your social network. We accurately model your organization's likely supporter, voter, or consumer, and - by overlaying that with your existing social media base - we can develop a targeted list of potential new supporters. This targeted, person-to-person sharing is the future of advertising in a fundamentally digital and social world. The Messina Group will ensure that your organization is ahead of the competition.

Political and Legislative Consulting

The Messina Group is staffed by professionals with decades of experience and a deep reservoir of knowledge about the legislative process. In addition, our staff has successful records at the highest levels of national and statewide political campaigns. Understanding of the legislative and political process is an invaluable asset that can give any organization a strategic advantage to achieving their goals.  Asked by the President to help lead the historic passage of health care, then masterminding the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, we have unprecedented experience in both the political and legislative arenas.

Business and Organizational Consulting

The Obama for America campaign was a $1 billion “startup” with more than 5,000 employees nationally. To make this startup succeed and thrive, it required streamlined management and organization at every level of implementation.  Google’s Eric Schmidt called it “the best campaign ever run.”  Utilizing this knowledge base, The Messina Group provides a structural and organizational analysis to ensure that your organization is operating optimally at all levels.

Communications and Marketing

Every organization requires effective communication strategies to promote a product, service, or issue. With decades of experience, The Messina Group is well-versed in effective dissemination strategies to reach audiences at the highest and most efficient level of targeting. The Obama for America campaign utilized social media in a way no other political campaign had previously. With more than 35 million Facebook likes and 29 million Twitter followers, the Obama 2012 campaign’s social media reach could not be matched. Yet, getting this many “likes” or “followers” did not happen organically - it was the result of a calculated, data-driven plan. We can do that for your organization too.

Grassroots Organizing

Grassroots organizing is one of the most effective and efficient ways to move your organization’s message and advance your organization’s goals. Whether it was utilizing door-to-door strategies or social media platforms, the Obama for America campaign ran the most expansive and successful grassroots campaign in modern political history. Using similar techniques, The Messina Group will help your organization develop and implement a successful grassroots operation.


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