Ashley Nelson

Ashley Nelson

Senior Communications Associate Orlando, FL

Ashley is a Senior Communications Associate at Greenbrier Partners.

While earning her Masters in Strategic Communication, Ashley built upon her course work and created and executed communication campaigns tailored for her local community — such as campaigns targeted to increase Floridians’ COVID-19 vaccination uptake — where she developed a deeper understanding of best practices to increase audience engagement and to utilize research and theory to shape human behavior.

Throughout her career, Ashley inadvertently recognized the power of communication to motivate people and shape a narrative while she was designing and implementing lesson plans as a high school English teacher, teaching plays and empowering student athletes as a soccer coach, or even creating and delivering messaging for her local State House Representative during the legislative session. Ashley’s cumulative professional experiences can be boiled down into a simple statement: She wants to help people make this world better, and she believes one way to do so is through effective strategic communication. Her passionate nature makes her a valuable member of our team as she is always looking to research and strategize to overcome the next challenge.

Based in Orlando, Florida, Ashley is currently completing her M.A. in Strategic Communication with a concentration in Public Relations from The University of Delaware in December 2021, and holds a B.S. in English Language Arts Education grades 6-12 from The University of Central Florida.

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