How Segal Switched This Brand’s Communications From B2C to B2B

In 2019, Relay brought on Segal Communications to heighten brand awareness and build its reputation as a leading consumer-focused telecommunications company. Initially focused on Relay for Families, Relay devices were used to allow parents to stay in contact with their children and track their location without using a cell phone.

The company shifted focus in 2020 and began positioning itself in the enterprise space with the new Relay Pro device, designed to be a solution for the communication and operational needs of the deskless workforce.

Relay media placements
Segal Communications was tasked with redefining Relay’s brand messaging, positioning Relay Pro as a solution to the challenges the pandemic had brought upon frontline workers, and inserting Relay into conversations addressing communication needs between employees and managers.

With the integration of a new panic button feature that allowed workers to call for help with the discrete push of a button, Relay’s introduction to the enterprise space focused heavily on the hospitality industry as hotel labor unions and associations like the AHLA pushed for more safety measures for employees in the wake of the #MeToo movement. As more hotel brands began prioritizing the needs of their employees and enrolled in the AHLA 5-Star Promise, the Segal team positioned Relay as a leading authority in the space, creating an annual comprehensive guide for hoteliers to stay abreast of pending and enacted panic button legislation and providing a simplified, all-in-one solution that would satisfy the latest requirements enacted by local, city and state law.

Additionally, the Segal team provided support for Relay’s “Relay It Forward” campaign, a national giveback program in partnership with the AHLA that worked to prepare the next generation of hotel employees with additional job skills.

The Segal team successfully positioned Relay as a leader in frontline industry communications, winning the brand an American Business Award for its panic button campaign and further demonstrated by the 150 placements the team earned the brand in top-tier industry trade and consumer publications. Relay was even coined as the “walkie-talkie killer” by Fast Company.

Campaign Impact
Relay earned top-tier industry trade and consumer publications, including Axios, ABC News, Business Insider, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal.
Major Media Placements
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