A Decade of Progress at Risk?

We help raise public awareness about the importance of investing now in regenerative medicine to save lives in the future.

In 2004, California voters invested $3 billion in stem cell research and regenerative medicine through a ballot initiative. While great progress has been made by scientists since then, the public hadn’t heard about that success. Americans for Cures engaged with TMG in 2015 to help turn the tide on public awareness, combat misinformation online, educate Californians on the new treatments and cures developed so far, and tell the stories of patients whose lives have been changed for the better.

This campaign is especially important within the context of today’s political climate. Prop 71 was initially passed in the wake of significant restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research – making the effort the only way voters could guarantee funding for this life-saving research in their state. More than a decade later, new federally-mandated restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research are expected in the near term.

An Advocacy Campaign to Win Hearts

Our team executed an integrated communications strategy that would identify audiences, tailor messaging, and elevate awareness around the progress of stem cell research in the state:

Strategic Advisory Services

To ensure A4C’s mission & impact, extended beyond online audiences and into local communities

Digital Content Development:

To build creative & messages that supported patient stories, education, and social impact

Data & Analytics:

To identify audiences, test messages, & effectively target online audiences with content most likely to resonate with them based on their interests

“TMG is more than just a consultant to us – they are truly part of our team. Bringing together data and digital, they are transforming our communications program to drive this life-saving research forward.”

Mary Bass, Executive Director

Amplifying the Power of Progress

Early on, The Messina Group knew that the progress and success stories made possible by Prop 71 would be the key to engaging the public and building the community’s support for continued stem cell research.

TMG ran a full-scale program assessment, providing recommendations for how the digital program could be evolved and grown over time to keep up with changing technology and the needs of its audience. This assessment clearly defined the digital objectives of the organization, helping us invest in the most important aspects of the program.

From those holistic recommendations, we developed and launched a new website for the organization, hired multiple internal staffers, set gradually expanding advertising budgets that target different audiences, and built out a larger communications stream with new content types.